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WHAT KLAIPĖDA CAN OFFER?                                                                             

Surviving D-day 007Klaipėda is a small, compact, comfortable city near the Baltic Sea, located in the Western Lithuania. It has a complex recorded history, partially due to the combined regional importance of the ice-free port.  Nowadays Klaipėda is considered as a standout city: it’s the only seaport in Lithuania with an active maritime lifestyle and has a very remarkable German architecture heritage, mostly in the old-town area (Fachwerkhaus and Bauhaus). There is a huge range of locations on offer: sea cost sceneries, beautiful nature, dunes, pine tree forests and industrial harbour areas. Klaipėda is located in a very convenient geographical area, because in 25 kilometer radius, you can find anything from Soviet era living houses to ancient monasteries, sandy beaches and dunes. 

A few great areas that might satisfy filmmakers’ needs are: Nida, Kretinga, Palanga, Priekulė, Šilutė and Kintai. These smaller towns, situated around Klaipėda can offer some very special locations and the access is fast and handy. Another great recreation and filming spot – Smiltynė is located across Curonian Lagoon an can be reached from Klaipėda by ferry just in 15 minutes. 

It’s super easy to travel in the area of Klaipėda – roads are good and not too crowded. Filming crews can easily plan to shoot in few locations during the day – there are no traffic jams, or rush hours to avoid.

Our great locations isn’t the only advantage of Klaipėda – the city has to offer many different leisure options, four star hotels, cruises to the sea, rich nightlife and worldwide cuisine. Everything what you need to relax after a hard shooting day. And, most important – Klaipėda is a sea-spirit city with friendly people and relaxed atmosphere that wouldn’t be found anywhere else. 

So, come to Lithuania and explore Baltic Sea coast and its advantages! 


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