DSC_0738Priekulė is a small and quite town in Klaipėda district municipality. It is located on the banks of Minija River about 20 km south of Klaipėda and has few cafes, a hotel, three museums, post office, local shops, a park and a secondary school. The population is about 2, 000 habitants.
Priekulė was part of East Prussia for most of its history and became part of Lithuania from 1923–1938 and after World War II in 1945. Therefore Priekulė still has very remarkable redbrick German – influenced architecture and traces of a former Prussian culture. Many buildings are even listed in the register of cultural heritage and visitors can still find facades with ancient German letterings.
One of the most original buildings, located in the outskirts of a town is an old railway station complex. Built in 1875, it’s a unique architectural object, which consists of the main strain station building, water tower and storehouses. Nowadays most of these buildings are living houses, but half of the old train station is empty. Depending on the needs, it can be used as interior or exterior filming location.

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