Filming in Klaipėda

999471_341002776039727_151256899_nThe establishment of Lithuanian Film Centre (LKC) and film offices in Vilnius and Kaunas during 2011 – 2012 finally brought Lithuania and its film industry into a new level and put into a spotlight internationally. 

Lithuanian parliament has approved a boost to the country’s film production tax incentive, increasing it from 20% to 30%. The new level will take effect from January 1, 2019 and the legislation has been renewed for the next five-year period.

Active participation in the international film industry events, representing Lithuania as a great choice for foreign film productions has made the benefit: during the past few years the number of foreign production, shot in Lithuania has remarkably increased. Lithuania has welcomed such projects as BBC’s War and Peace, Netflix’s Tokyo Trial, HBO’s Chernobyl and Catherine the Great and many more. 

Film industry in Lithuania is mostly concentrated in Vilnius and Kaunas as cities have a large number of film production, distribution, equipment rental companies, independent and commercial film exhibitors and local film offices. Therefore foreign film producers are also tending to choose these two cities as main locations for their projects. 

Klaipėda is rather considered as an outsider city with no professional local film industry established. Nevertheless, Klaipėda can be a great alternative for fresh and unused locations. Some Lithuanian and foreign filmmakers have already proved that Baltic sea-port can be a great choice when maritime, or specific architecture locations are needed. 

A big Surviving D-day 011variety of maritime locations, great access to other cities in Lithuania, fast and easy travelling around the city, world class hotels and great leisure activities – these are the advantages for filming crews in Klaipėda. And most of all – we have friendly local people, who are very excited about each film production in a city.  Local authorities are also very supportive and shooting permits are issued fast and easy.

So, why not to consider shooting in Klaipėda? It might become a great discovery!


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