Completed film projects

Here is the list of wrapped film projects that were shot in Klaipėda and its region during the past few years. For more information, please contact production companies, or Klaipėda Locations.



2018, TV movie

Director: Thomas Stuber
Country: Germany, Lithuania
Production companies: UFA Fiction, MDR, ARD Degeto Film, MDM

Filming locations in Klaipėda region: Smiltynė, Nida 

Film trailer: 

 Short synopsis: 

The year is 1989 and Edgar Bendler, a literature student from East Berlin, is contemplating suicide. On a sudden and obscure whim, he travels instead to the island of Hiddensee, a tiny holiday resort in the Baltic, described as the Capri of the north.

Film stills: 

Photos by Lukas Šalna (


(Tarp pilkų debesų)


2017, feature

Director: Marius A. Markevičius
Country: Lithuania, US
Production companies: Tauras Films, Sorrento Productions

Filming locations in Klaipėda region: Nida, Palanga

Film trailer:

Short synopsis:

”Ashes in the Snow” is a World War II drama based on the best-seller ”Between Shades of Gray” by Ruta Sepetys. It’s a story about 16-year-old Lina Vilkas (Bel Powley), who is deported to Siberia together with her mother and little brother.

Making of:

Photos by Stepdraw


(Dėdė, Rokas ir Nida)

nida mazas

2015, feature

Director: Justinas Krisiūnas

Country: Lithuania

Short synopsis:

It’s a romatic comedy, set in the most beautiful location in Lithuania – Nida. Here lives Gintaras – one of the best former sailors of the Baltic States. After an accident in the sea, Gintaras isolates himself from the sea and all previous activity. One day he receives a call from his brother asking to look after his nephew Rokas during the summer. Once Rokas arrives in Nida, he falls in love with a girl and yachting. Now his biggest dream is to participate in regatta.

Filming locations in Klaipėda region: Nida

Film trailer:

Making of: 

Photos by Incognito Films





2013, feature

Director: Ignas Jonynas,
Country: Lithuania, Latvia
Production companies: Locomotive Productions / Studio Uljana Kim

Short synopsis:

Paramedic Vincentas is a passionate gambler, who is forced to make radical decisions to return the debts. An idea strikes Vincentas to create an illegal game related to his profession. Love, life and death will be at stake.

Official website:

Filming locations in Klaipėda region: Klaipėda city and harbour, Smiltynė, Karklė.

Film trailer:

 Making of:

Photos by








2013, feature

Director: Rick Ostermann
Country: Germany
Production companies: Zum Goldenen Lamm Filmproduktion / Hessischer Rundfunk (HR) (co-production) / Arte (co-production)

Short synopsis:

WOLFSKINDER’s plot centers on the 14-year-old Hans, who initially sets off with his younger brother Karl to make their way to Lithuania after their mother’s death. However, the brothers are separated when they are on the run from Soviet soldiers. Driven by his seemingly hopeless search for his younger brother, Hans joins a group of children – the wolf children – as they struggle against hunger, the weather and illness in a foreign country.

Filming locations in Klaipėda region: Priekulė train station, Šilutė, Mingė village, Ventė village, Kintai village, Plaškiai church.

Film trailer:

Making of: 

Photos by Lithuanian Film Studio








2011, historical TV documentary

Director: Richard Dale
Country: UK/ USA / France
Production companies: Dangerous Films / Discovery Channel / France 2 / Baltic Film Services

Short synopsis:

This “Discovery” channel documentary highlights the harrowing 12 hours on Omaha Beach landings in 1944.

Filming locations in Klaipėda region: Smiltynė, Giruliai beach (Klaipėda), artillery battery “Memel Nord”, Karklė.

Film trailer:

Making of:

Photos by Klaipėda Locations





2010, feature

Director: Tomas Donela
Country: Lithuania
Production companies: Donelos studija / WFDiF (Poland) / PAL-AV (Netherlands)

Short synopsis:

Audrius is 35 years old seaman and a father of 8 years old son. A strong, loving and generous man has a secret – he has a fatal disease. Audrius is meeting the ones he loves and slowly embracing his destiny.

Official website:

Filming locations in Klaipėda region: Klaipėda harbour and city

Film trailer:





2009, feature

Director: Gytis Lukšas
Country: Lithuania
Production company: Studija 2

Short synopsis:

The film is based on a novel by Lithuanian writer Romualdas Garanauskas and tells a story about Juozas, who spends his childhood in a village and moves to a city, where he meets the love of his life. The story encloses the everyday life dreariness of Soviet era.

Filming locations in Klaipėda region: Klaipėda harbour and city

Film trailer:

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