Historical WWII locations

Stunning landscapes

Waterfront locations

Original exteriors

Unique architecture

Welcome to the first filming location guide, covering Western Lithuania

Klaipėda is a seaport, located on the Baltic Sea coast in Western Lithuania. The city and its region has a very wide range of filming locations to offer - from an ancient monasteries and churches to industrial harbour and picturesque dunes. So, drop Your anchors, bring the cameras and discover the best we have!

Where we are?

Find out more about Klaipėda city - the only seaport in Lithuania

What do we have?

Our biggest advantages - unique architecture, beautiful landscapes and maritime locations

Getting around

Discover other great filming spots in Wester Lithuania

Completed film projects

Some Lithuanian and foreign filmmakers already discovered Klaipėda region as a great place to shoot. Now it's Your turn.

Why to come here?

Klaipėda isn't a big player in a national film industry, but has to offer a big range of unremarked and unused locations, film friendly authorities and very helpful local people

Photo Gallery

Take a look at our photo gallery, where You will find more pictures from Klaipėda and around